Privacy policy

SALA CO.,LTD will protect customer's individual information and the law concerning individual information is observed and protection of personal information, managing safeties are written under the policy shown next.

  1. 1. The definition of collecting individual information.

    Our company collects and defines information to be able to identify the individual by customer's accurate address, name, and telephone number, etc. when service is provided for the customer as individual information.

  2. 2. Management of individual information

    Individual information offered from the customer for our company is managed appropriately, and will not be offered to the third party.

  3. 3. Exception of personal information management

    We will only disclose information when necessary and only least information will be disclosed when through a necessary enterprise for concluding the deals between our company and the customer. Necessary enterprise means consumer credit companies, and delivery companies.

  4. 4. Permission of sales promotion

    Individual information is used for the customer to offer our guide in the future. I will promptly stop guiding when requested to do so.

  5. 5. Regarding the change, the correction, and the suspension of an individual information.

    If you would like to make some changes or adjustments to an individual information, the change, the correction, or the suspension of our service, please contact us promptly.

  6. 6. Disclosure of individual information.

    Please acknowledge it beforehand; there is no disclosure of customer's individual information to the third party in principle. However, in case of requested or demanded by the legal organization such as the courts, by law we must present all requested information. Also in purpose of protect our rights and property.

  7. 7. About the conforming method.

    Laws of Japan are applied to individual information of the customer our company carries. Moreover, our company works on the continual improvement for the protection of personal information as the law applied towards individual information and other standards are observed. And we will make any necessary changes at each time when the law is changed or revised.